Don't Touch My Data

Don't Touch My Data
Chapter Base
Suitable for a non-technical audience
Where Base Room
@ Toolbox Coworking
Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2, Turin
When 4 years ago
26/10/2019 at 15:00
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Language Italiano


Thanks to some volunteer we will demonstrate how, in our everyday, our privacy is completely compromised, and how to defend ourselves.

Bring your "I have nothing to hide" friend.


There are a lot of ways, every day, to put your privacy in a trash bin. Even if you say that "I've nothing to hide".

First of all because "I've nothing to hide" people indeed care about it. A lot. Moreover, your habits compromise also other people, and you should stop it.

Toghether, we will find what's wrong, who is the Muster of Puppets, and how to defend ourself, fighting some commonplaces.

Spoiler: your antivirus or your VPN client is not the cure.


The image with the security cameras was taken from Dirk Ingo Franke and released with the CC BY-SA 3.0 license from Wikimedia Commons.



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