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The Linux Day Turin 2016 ended...

But we have more!

Event When Where
Introduction to GNU/Linux

(11/15/2016 at 18:00)
von Neumann Lab
Installation of a GNU/Linux distribution

(11/23/2016 at 18:00)
Dijkstra Laboratory
Maintainment of a Debian-based system

(11/30/2016 at 18:00)
Dijkstra Laboratory
GNU/Linux base commands

(12/07/2016 at 18:00)
Dijkstra Laboratory
GNU/Linux system and services maintainment

(12/14/2016 at 18:00)
Dijkstra Laboratory
Award ceremony

(12/21/2016 at 18:00)
Dijkstra Laboratory
Linux Day Turin 2016

The Linux Day is the main Italian event for the promotion of Free as in Freedom software and GNU/Linux operating systems. The Turin Linux Day 2016 it was at 22/10/2016 (7 years ago) at the Computer Science department of the Turin University of Studies.

// How to write good code
$software: function(play, freedom, friends) { /* RTFM */ }

This year, the national subject is... coding!


A wide program with 16 talks of 1 hour each, distributed on 4 hours, discussing Free as in Freedom subjects on various levels, to satisfy the needs of a wide audience (from the younger, to the curious person, up to the experts).

Here is the talk table divided in 4 categories:

Misc Dev Sys Base
1° time LoRa technology and its implementation to IoT
by Gianfranco Poncini, Valerio Sacchetto and Gloria Puppi.
Introduction to JavaScript programming
by Luigi Maselli.
Do not fear IPv6
by Massimo Nuvoli.
Coding didactics
by Dario Sera.
2° time Sustainability and Open Culture at University
by Marco Signoretto and Mario Lacaj.
Yocto Project, an automatic generator of embedded Linux distributions.
by Marco Cavallini.
Docker: we supply applications
by Elia Bellussi.
Renaissance 2.0
by Renzo Davoli.
3° time Wikidata: the ground of Free knowledge
by Alessio Melandri.
Ten years put behind FidoCadj
by Davide Bucci.
InfoSec. How to use.
by Davide Mainardi.
GNU/Linux uses
by Valerio Bozzolan.
4° time Wikipedia
by Simone Massi.
A Telegram bot with Python
by Francesco Tucci.
Hadoop - BigData in streaming
by Davide Isoardi and Davide Vergari.
Linux to Municipality of Turin
by Roberto Guido.


The manifestation it was subdivided in thematic rooms:

Computer Science department planimetry

Android App

Are you reading the talks over a small screen? Try the LDTO Companion app!


looks_oneDownload and install F-Droid:

file_downloadInstall F-Droid

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file_downloadInstall LDTO16


At the same time of the talks, various activities will take place:

Restarters Torino association

Fixing electronic devices
Run by Restarters Torino association.

<a href="" class="white-text" target="_blank">CoderDojo Turin</a> and <a href="" class="white-text" target="_blank">CoderDojo Turin 2</a>.

Coding lab for children themed Linux Day
Run by CoderDojo Turin and CoderDojo Turin 2..



Retrocomputing museum exhibition
Run by MuBIT.

LIP (Linux Installation Party) and technical assistance to GNU/Linux distributions.
Run by volunteers.

How to reach us

Computer Science department

You can take the tram n°9 and n°3 getting of at Amedeo di Savoia Hospital/Computer Science Department.

Taking the underground to XIII Dicembre and getting on the bus n°59 or n°59/ and getting off at the stop Svizzera.

Turin, Via Pessinetto 12

Free (as in beer) entry

Even this year the event is completely free of charge.
Don't forget to take home with you a t-shirt or a few dozen pins and stickers! It's our way to further promote the Free software, in order to have future Linux Days always indipendent, Free and without costs.
See you on October 22nd!